segunda-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2008


still do curta festa


It was not meant to hurt.
It had been made for happy remembering
By people who were still too young
To have learned about memory.

Now it is a dangerous weapon, a time-bomb,
Which is a kind of body-bomb, long-term, too.
Only film, a few frames of you skipping, a few seconds,
You aged about ten there, skipping and still skipping.

Not very clear grey, made out of mist and smudge,
This thing has a fine fuse, less a fuse
Than a wavelenght attuned, an electronic detonator
To what lies in your grave inside us.

And how that explosion would hurt
Is not just an idea of horror but a flash of fine sweat
Over the skin-surface, a brace of nerves
For something that has already happened.

(Letters of Ted Hughes)

4 comentários:

morenarosa. disse...

graaaande simone! fui comentar no blog do aluisio e acabei vendo seu comentário por lá. nem sabia que vc tb tinha um blog, bacana. vou tirar um tempinho para mirar oq se passa por aqui, rsrs beijao ;***

Loah. disse...

curta novo, simone? quero ver!

Lia disse...

Eu também! Como faço prá ver?

Simone disse...

é um curta de 1 minuto, está inscrito no festival 1 minuto, que tem o tema "o que é ser nordestino?".